Wideband   LambdaMechanical   And   Electronic   Measurement Systems

Company   and   Owner

Maybe you're interested in a short summary about me.


My Company, by full name Sebastian Knödler Technologie, was founded by me in October 2012 in Auenwald.


Besides development, production and distribution of the lambda-probes, I also offer development and engineering services for electric measurement systems and electric or mechanic systems in general.
These services cover the complete product-lifecycle including basic research, development and prototypical engineering up to the maintenance of a whole production series.

Part-Time career

Starting in 2000 with electronics as hobby
Since 2004 working with microcontrollers
Until 2008 improving general electronic skills with specialization to sensors
Since 2008 working with wideband-lambdasensors and Bosch CJ125. Many different automotive-projects followed
October 2012: Founding a part-time business (development, construcion, building and selling electronics, measurement devices and mechanical systems)


  • 1986 born near Stuttgart, Germany
  • 2002 finished secondary school
  • 2004 finished vocational institute "Institut Dr. Flad" in Stuttgart as chemical technical assistant
  • 2007 finished apprenticeship at Stadtentwässerung Backnang as specialist in sewage technologies
  • 2009 finished Technische Oberschule Stuttgart with vocational diploma
  • 2012 finished studying at Duale Hochschule Stuttgart, Campus Horb as Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering, specialization construction and development in coorporation with EISENMANN AG (plant construction)
  • Since 2012 working full-time as software developer for automitive ECUs (Exhausgassensors)